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Trufesta festival focuses on solos and duos dance creations from different parts of the world.the festival creates an opportunity for young talented dancers/choreographers of different backgrounds to collaborate ideas, be together for sharing of their experiences, eat together, dance together and perform for 8 days.The festival is expecting to host young dancers/choreographers from europe, africa, south america, australia, u.s.a, north america and asia.

The festival date is from 2oth to 30th of november 2010. The festival shall take place in lagos state, oyo states, ogun state and ilorin state of nigeria.
Trufesta shall showcase performances, diffirent levels of dance classes for professionals and non professionals, workshop collaborations among the dancers/choreographers, round table discussions, seminar, outdoor performances and visiting the historical tourist centers in lagos and ibadan.


1. Trufesta opens door for dancers to collaborate, network and share ideas with Nigerian & non Nigerian artistes.

2. It creates a positive mood that promotes peace, which allows for an atmosphere of mutual understanding/cordial relationship amongst African dancers and other artistes from other parts of the world.

3. Trufesta also creates working relationship and space for all dancers home and abroad to connect, work together and reach out to one another, even after the festival.

4. Trufesta encourages and showcases different styles of dances from different continents for the awareness and benefit of our society and all involved.

5. To renew excellence and encourage the spirit of creativity.

6. To create opportunities for young dancer/choreographers and professionals during the festival.

7. To move the Nigerian contemporary dance art from the margins to the international mainstream.

8. The festival enlightens our children and non-Nigerians on our rich dance abilities and cultural heritage.


1. To discover new talented dancers/choreographers that will be world-acclaimed and professional in every platform of dance.

2. The dance workshops and sharing of ideas will open new avenues for collaborations between local and international dancers.

3. Since Nigeria is not recognized as a tourist country, we anticipate that the invited international artistes will discover our rich cultural heritage during the festival.

4. To produce strong international cultural relationship amongst artistes.

5. The festival will open avenues for dialogue between the artistes and art organizations in Nigeria on matters concerning art and culture.

6. With the ideas of performances and workshops of different artistes showcasing from all parts of the world, this will re-enforce the importance of togetherness and impart friendship in our diverse societies.

7. After the festival the foreign artistes would have experienced the real Nigeria and take this real Nigeria home to help change the negative impression these societies have about our economical, social and professional image.

8. With the contributions from our universities, theaters, national and foreign culture centers including outdoor performance, we will educate our audience both local and international about existing diverse cultures in Africa and the world at large.

9. With the involvement of the print and electronic media, impacts of the festival through the press conference and discussions will be greatly felt and we hope that the idea of Trufesta bringing together different artistes from around the world to share, eat together, create together, discover new ideas together, perform together and live together as a family will be well projected.