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Why Trufesta?

Ijodee Dance Centre focuses on training, research, talent discovery and promotion of contemporary dance, produces an annual dance festival in Nigeria. We use dance as a medium of communication and breaking boundaries of dance illiteracy in the country, continent and the world at large. Being the producer of Trufesta as well as a major promoter of young dancers and upcoming dance companies in Nigeria. I.D.C is a stakeholder and contributor to the socio-cultural and economic development of Nigeria. Trufesta focuses strictly on solo and duo dances, workshops for professional dancers including adults and children in our society. Trufesta promotes collaborative workshops between Nigeria/foreign dancers and Nigeria/ foreign dance companies during the festival.


Nigeria is a country with about 250 ethnic groups with diverse languages and rich in cultural and mineral resources but with a lot of political differences arising daily due to power tussle over leadership. The only aspect of our lives that has placed Nigeria well enough on the world map is sport. Trufesta is organized yearly by Ijodee to share our contemporary dance experiences, exposure and also to discover other country’s contemporary dance, as we are a nation that welcomes and embraces other country’s cultures with the idea of providing dance classes/workshops for professionals and non professionals, eating together daily, collaborating during the festival, visiting our tourist attraction centers and showcasing different style, techniques and ideas of contemporary dances during Trufesta.  These activities will create eye opening experiences for both Nigerian and foreign dancers, dance audience and art enthusiasts; which will in turn develop new orientation towards reconciliation, inter-personal peace, unity and bring about a sense of positive purpose in our society that will also be beneficial to the men, women, children, professional and non-professional dancers of our society.


The project Trufesta is relevant to our society because it has in the past 4 Editions brought about unity, love and progress in dance industry in our country. Trufesta has made it possible for IJODEE to attain its set target of promoting dance at all levels and this we have done yearly without financially benefit in mind, but rather, for cultural development, connection of artistes around the world and creating an atmosphere worthy of amalgamation of techniques.

With Trufesta yearly, IJODEE dance center will continue to protect and ensure the continous development of dance collaborations, workshops, researches, contemporary dance preservations, performances and creations in Nigerian dance industry. With Trufesta, we have been able to explore dancers and dances beyond the shores of Nigeria. Thereby imbing their styless, techniques and goodwill in our bid to establish a more stable environment for the Nigerian dance artiste. Trufesta has also provoyment for dancers, dance enthusiast and youths who believe in dance as a profession. we have exchanged ideas, ideals and cultures with different individuals and dance companies around the world by inviting them to participate in Trufesta; this has brough about positive develoment in the dance career of all involved.