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He is a Choreographer, Dancer, Dance teacher, An Acrobat , Producer, Dance judge in the annual SOD Celebrity Takes2 Nigeria TV Celebrities dance program and a Dance consultant of International repute.

A graduate of the International School for Dance & Choreography, Ecole Des Sable, (JANT-BI) Senegal & France, Trained at C.D.C in Toulouse, France, C.C.N.N in NANTES, France, C.C.N in Montpelier, France, Susanne Linke Dance Studio in Essen, Germany and DanceWeb Europe in Vienna, Austria.

He is a holder of the following awards:
Generalissimo of Culture: - Lagos State Government’s Award.
Merit Award: Guild of Nigerian dancers and had enjoyed a French Government scholarship to (C.C.N.N) Nantes, 1994 to 1998 FRANCE;
Best Nigerian dancer 2002/2003 by Dance Guild of Nigeria;
He is two times a UNESCO/ASHBERG bursary Award Winner, 2003/2004 and now a danceWEB Europe Dancer/Member.
He choreographed the “Always Check Check tvc Dance” which took Gold medal at the 2010 MENA GRAND CRITAL FILM AWARD in Lebanon.
He was awarded the Eko’GOND Dance Ambassador Award 2010 and Eko GOND Media Dance Person Award 2010.
He won Youth Assembly Royalty Awards for his Excellent contribution to Dance in Nigeria 2011. His company Ijodee won the Most Prolific Dance Company Award by ATAS LASU 2011. In 2012 he was honored a special recognition award by FLEET FOUNDATION for his immense and exemplary contribution to the development of dance in Nigeria. He won the 2012 NANTAP National Exellent Award for Dance And Choreography. His is also the YOMAFA Best Nigerian Male Dancer 2012 Award winner. Adedayo was the only African dancer/choreographer specially invited by SIDance, Korean ministry of Culture and Sport for 6 months dance exchange CPI program with East European, Taiwanese and Korean Dancers/Choreographers in 2012. He is currently the brand ambassador and the face of BESTLUB oil in West Africa. He was awarded the CCADT award in 2013 due to his immense contributions to the development of Arts/African culture. He was nominated for the Leadership Quality Award (ISQL 2013 GOLD CERTIGORY) in Paris. In 2013 he was awarded the United Nation peace ambassador as a dance activist who has impacted his generation with his talent and profession.
He has conducted over 60 national and international workshops and he has traveled to over 60 countries around the world.

His work “ORI’’ is the first position winner of the 5th African/Indian Ocean choreographic contest in Antananarivo, Madagascar 2003.
He is the “Olori Oko” star dancer produced by Infinity and he has worked as a dance teacher/instructor in many dance centers, dance schools and UNIVERSITIES in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America.

He was the Director of Special Duties of the Dance Guild of Nigerian “National GOND” 2009-2011 and a member of National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP Lagos chapter).
He has worked with notable directors, producers, promoters, Arts managers and choreographers around the world; among whom are: Pata Rosy, Claude Brumachon & Benjamin Lamarches, Germaine Acogny, Late Carlos Orta, Flora Teffen, Helene Cathal and Fabric Ramalingom, Muyiwa Osinaikes, Prof. Ojo Bakare, Prof. Ahmed Yerima, Heddy Maalem, Felix Okolo, Susanne Linke, Arnold Udoka, Done Pedro Obaseki, Herman le Roux, Sven Herding, Danielle Rizkallah and Fred Bendongue to mention just a few; and also had Master dance class with many top dance experts and teachers around the world.

He is the Curator of IJODEE Dance technique, also the curator, Manager, Head Choreographer and Director of Ijodee Dance Company / Ijodee Dance Center and the CEO / Producer of TRUFESTA International Dance Festival in Nigeria and Festival Coordinator WOEZO Africa Festival.

He has choreographed many work; amongst are the Malta Guinness Top of the world smile and also Always 8 hours no Check Check tvc dance 2009, Ido-Olofin, It’s me, ORI, New Age Transition, Heart of Africa, In-Imagination, We Think Alike, Olori Oko Musical Dance Video, Kosi Musical Video, Aruku Shanka, Kaki A Gogo, Alante Tatakumi, The Ultimate Dance “Gulder”, Joseph Coat Musical Dance, Vote & Let vote count (Dance theater), Encounters, Always good to go tvc dance 2010, The Real dance, Molejo (I can Dance), Moyege (Victory) Musical Dance Video, The Best, Intention/Intension “Korea”, The 8220 Time “Korea”, Aye Asan (Vanity),  Director/Head Choreographer of The Magical Chemistry of Opposites e.t.c.